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Life has become Belling the Cat

Posted by WhiteCheddarKasai - October 22nd, 2020


"Many things appear sensible in speculation, which are afterwards found to be impracticable. And since the execution of any thing is that which is to complete and finish its very existence, what raw counsel!ors [sic] are those who advise, what precipitate politicians those who proceed to the management of things in their nature incapable of answering their own expectations, or their promises to others. At the same time, the fable teaches us, not to expose ourselves in any of our little coffeehouse committees, by determining what should be done upon every occurrence of mal-administration, when we have neither commission nor power to execute it. He that upon such occasions, adjudges, as a preservative for the state, that this or that should be applied to the neck of those who have been enemies to it, will appear full as ridiculous as the Mouse in the fable, when the question is asked, who shall put it there? In reality, we do but expose ourselves to the hatred of some, and the contempt of others, when we inadvertently utter our impracticable speculations, in respect of the public, either in private company, or authorised [sic] assemblies."

Basically, people nowadays just say things they think should be done, but don't expect any of them to do anything. Heck, don't even expect a call to action. Just complaining. Endless accusations and problems, but no action.

Social media is a big contributing factor to this. You can just say whatever you want, maybe someone will agree with you, and there's where it ends. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, most likely.

Because most people don't have the power to execute. And that's true, but more importantly is not having the commission to do it. How many of these righteous people do you see applying for positions of power? Trying to get their role in life up, to get into the place you need to be to make change? I'm going to bet very few, if any. And I don't believe it's impossible, I think that these people expect others to do it, and when everyone believes that, nobody is going to do it. And it's not a good attitude to have, making all these big claims about what should be done, but not contributing yourself.

I would like to be able to contribute to causes I care about, such as the environment, and I don't need to spout my opinions all over Twitter to do that. All I need to do is do it. I don't talk about such topics often online and it's because I think they belong in the real world where changes will really happen.

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I understand your frustration and I wish you a strong push when it comes to the things you want to accomplish!

Thanks, your words are greatly appreciated!